Learning continuity

Learning continuity is our industry leading product that backups up your school server hourly, allows for roll backs in case of corruption or malware attack, and even creates a visualised instance of your server should your server hardware fail completely, meaning your back up and running in a matter of minutes! no more waiting days for parts to repair onsite hardware!


Backups play a crucial part of any IT support role, but what if a backup fails? Whos there to check it, who’s there to fix the reason why its failed and then re-run the backup? With learning continuity our backups are monitored 24/7, if your backup fails we will login remotely fix the issue and re-run the backup.

Disaster Recovery

How quick could your school recover from a malware attack, 1 week? 1 day? 5 minutes?… with learning continuity we can roll back your server in a matter of minutes and have you up and running on physical hardware or a virtualisation instance in a matter of minutes!

Server Virtualisation

Our onsite hardware boxes, that go with our learning continuity solution are designed to offer onsite virtualisation, but the learning continuity package also virtualisation in the cloud meaning even if you have a complete hardware failure, your school will still be up and running.


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